Propane Gas Gauge & Leak Detector

Catalog Item # 75702

Tells you at a glance when propane in refillable cylinder is running low.

Also helps detect dangerous leaks. Easy in-line connection. Meets all Type 1 safety standards.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

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Dangerous when defective

by Bob Damore – September 21, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

It had zero propane flow when installed. I found I had to loosen the acme hose connection slightly to get gas flow. That was my fi

Yes, propane tank exchange locations commonly found at large box stores and gas stations are required to be equipped with an OPD valve that has a Type 1 connection for an ACME nut.
by Camping World – March 29, 2016
No, there is no alarm on this gauge. Leak detection is performed by manual observation of the gauge, such as you know LP was not being used but the gauge is displaying a reduction of gas. Or when the gauge is connected and the valve opened on the tank, the needle will show fill level. Then close the tank valve, position of the needle should not have moved until the gas still in the LP line is evacuated/used or escaping on it's own.
by Camping World – March 29, 2016
by Ed – January 05, 2016
No, this gas gauge/leak detector will work for tanks up to 9-10 gallons(40#) that accept Type 1 ACME adapters.
by Camping World – February 08, 2016

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