Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner, 32 oz. spray

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Reduces Rubber Roof maintenance up to 75 percent!

Cleaning a rubber roof no longer has to be a knee-bending, backbreaking chore. RUBBER ROOF CLEANER from Protect All, Inc. is formulated to make the cleaning process both easy and quick, eliminating hours of washing, rubbing and buffing. Removing the buildup of dirt, roof chalk and airborne pollutants can now be done "standing up" with a sponge mop and a bucket of water. A soft bristle brush can be used in tight areas or when necessary to remove stubborn grime. RUBBER ROOF CLEANER eliminates rinsing and runoff keeping the RV clean and dry. Roof cleaning can be performed at campgrounds, storage lots or where ever water use is restricted.


Enhanced Formula Reduces Maintenance Up To 75%. Enhanced Protect All RUBBER ROOF TREATMENT with UV Protectant is a blend of proven polyolefin compounds engineered specifically to retard roof chalking, minimize maintenance and provide additional protection that can help extend the life of the rubber roof membrane. The tough polymer anti-static coating creates a durable shield that keeps dirt and grime from sticking. Application of New Rubber Roof Treatment is now quicker and easier -- just spray, mop and air-dry. The enhanced formula is safe and compatible for use on ALL types of EPDM rubber roof systems.

Rubber Roof Treatment reduces chalking that causes ugly gray streaks down the side of the vehicle creating more frequent cleanups. Roof chalk is a by-product of the rubber material that occurs most often when a rubber roof is exposed to excessive moisture and heat.Depending on environmental conditions, treating should be performed two to four times annually. In drier climates, two applications a year may be sufficient. In climates with moderate to heavy rainfall or humidity, it may be necessary to treat your roof three to four times a year to reduce the chalking process. Regular treatments of Protect All Rubber Roof Treatment will help reduce chalking and frequent cleanups.

Coverage: Depending on roof condition and accessories, i.e., vents, air-conditioner, etc., one quart treats one 35 foot - 40 foot roof two to three times.

Technical Specifications

2.4 lbs.
32 oz.

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by Jeffrey Jacoby – April 08, 2012
4 out of 5 stars

The protect all roof cleaner worked fantastic. The only problem I had is the cheap China bottles. The sprayer worked for 10 squir

Works like magic...

by Edward Kazmarek – September 04, 2004
4 out of 5 stars

While I note the previous reviewer's comment that the "mist" spray would be better if it were more of a "stream,&qu

Fast, Easy and more importantly, IT WORKS!

by Ed Bush – June 24, 2007
5 out of 5 stars

Cleans the worst stains and mold with minimum effort and protects from the UV for the summer.

fast and easy

by jpf – January 13, 2009
5 out of 5 stars

I bought this to clean the roof before replacing pipe vents which had deteriorated due to UV. A quick spray and wipe was all that

Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner

by Dave – October 22, 2011
5 out of 5 stars

Spray it on and nothing happens until you use the damp sponge mop. It is like magic how it cleans the roof. Follow the direction

by Evan – February 23, 2016
Yes, this product can be used on TPO roofs.
by Camping World – March 16, 2016
One 32 oz. spray bottle of the Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner would cover 35-40 feet.
by Camping World – December 07, 2012

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