Quick Roof Extreme Repair Tape, Bright White, 4” x 25’

Catalog Item # 84062

Guaranteed not to harden, crack or shrink.

Instantly stops leaks and permanently repairs EPDM, TPO, metal, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, OSB, PVC and most other roof materials. Works on aged and rigid PVC. Also repairs vents, skylights, slide-outs, windows, awnings, holding tanks, tents and more. Bright White.

Technical Specifications

1.7 lbs.
4” x 25’

by Anonymous – October 11, 2018
Yes, this tape is available in Tan, see SKU# 109169
by Camping World – October 12, 2018
by K.O – August 24, 2016
This repair tape is 30 mils thick.
by Camping World – August 25, 2016
by Mike – July 04, 2016
Yes, this repair tape will work on rubber roof material.
by Camping World – July 05, 2016

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