Rack-IT™ Two-Bike Accessory Carrier

Catalog Item # 107483

The Rack-IT leaves unobstructed use of the GearCage FP cargo rack while carrying two bikes of any size.

The Rack-IT optional two bike rack is designed for carrying two bikes of any size by the wheels above the GearCage FP slide out cargo carrier models (sold separately). This rack fits two bicycles of all frames and sizes, supported by the wheels.


  • Quick removable VRack™ wings for rear hatch access and modular storage
  • Easily adjustable wheel cradles with durable rubber straps for a tight grip on bike wheels
  • Zero-G™ bike freeze technology eliminates all bike motion with wheel touch support only, removing all bike frame or fork contact with rack. Zero-G™ system is a combination of wheel cradle and sway stop components
  • Zero-G™ system includes four sway stops (two per bike) for tire contact with rubber strap wrap around inside of wheels
  • Zero-G™ system includes four wheel cradles with rubber strap wrap over outside of wheels
  • Four cushion pads protects bikes from casual frame-to-rack contact Assembly required
  • Bike, Board & Bag™ Accessories Available for this VRack™ member of products from Let's Go Aero

    Note: Accessory option for GearCage FP-4 (H01380) and GearCage FP-6 (H01397) models ONLY (sold separately)

  • Technical Specifications

    33 lbs.

    by Anonymous – August 19, 2018
    We already have a bumper inserted cargo rack we use. Will this fit with it?
    The 'Rack-IT' is designed to be used on the 'GearCage' FP-4(SKU#107481) and FP-6(SKU#107482)slideout hitch cargo carriers by Let's Go Aero.
    by Camping World – August 22, 2018

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