Rafter VI by Carefree - Satin

Catalog Item # 48786

Rafter support tightens your awning while camping and supports the awning roller while you're traveling.

Fits all awning brands. Swing it out from the travel bracket and attach it to the awning roller. Tighten the knob and swing the lever to stretch the rafter linkage and push the roller away from the RV. Make your canopy as tight as you want (you've got a lot of leverage, so take care not to stress your canopy roller). Stores on or inside your RV!

Technical Specifications

8 lbs.

by Jim – July 11, 2015
If the awning still has a traditional style rollertube and can disable the auto-retract feature, yes.
by Camping World – November 12, 2015
Unfortunately no, this one does not include the ground support. See item 48790 for the ground support version.
by Camping World – February 12, 2014

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