Reese R16 5th Wheel Slide Trailer Hitch

Catalog Item # 58591

With a serrated dual-jaw design and built-in vibration-isolator system, this fifth-wheel trailer hitch offers a superior ride with minimal jarring and chucking.

Round-tube slider helps eliminate clearance concerns during slow-speed turns. The dual-jaw system on this fifth-wheel trailer hitch ensures full 360-degree contact around your trailer's king pin for a strong, reliable connection. Unlike traditional spring-loaded, dual-jaw systems, the R16 features serrated jaws for maximum security. The geared teeth ensure that every time you use this hitch, the jaws will close evenly to form a perfect circle around your trailer's king pin, providing a consistently tight connection. By surrounding the king pin entirely - with direct jaw-to-king-pin contact - the R16 allows far less movement in the hitch than other fifth-wheel hitches, resulting in minimal jarring and chucking.

The R16 offers several unique features that help to create a smooth, quiet fifth-wheel towing experience. Aside from the two-piece jaw that offers a firm and secure connection, stability is also increased by having a pivot beam with a wide front-to-back mounting configuration. The pivot beam also has a built-in, heavy-duty vibration-isolator system that dampens both vertical and longitudinal vibration, the result of which is less noise and a better ride.

The R16 features an easy-to-use locking handle with a built-in visual indicator to ensure proper hookup. When the trailer's king pin is in position within the jaws of the hitch, a green indicator button is visible on the back of the fifth-wheel head. This button can be easily seen from the cab of your truck.

The R16 was designed with strength and durability in mind. Sturdy steel and various hardened, cast components make up this fifth-wheel trailer hitch that, despite its weight rating, offers commercial-grade towing strength. Extensive testing demonstrated that the R20 is compliant with the criteria (SAE J2638) set forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers for fifth-wheel trailer hitch performance. In addition, this fifth-wheel trailer hitch passed 900,000 cycles in both fatigue and static testing, attesting to its durability.

Most often used on trucks with 6-foot beds, this roller helps to eliminate clearance problems during slow-speed turns. When you are towing a fifth-wheel trailer, your hitch must be situated on the cab side of your truck's rear axle. However, at slow speeds you can use a roller to slide the fifth-wheel hitch (and the trailer) toward your truck's tailgate and past the rear axle, creating enough space between the cab of your truck and the trailer to permit less-restricted turning.


  • 5th-Wheel hitch with slider mounts in your truck bed so you can tow your 5th-wheel trailer
  • Cast dual-jaw system provides more jaw-to-king-pin contact than traditional dual-jaw hitches
  • Geared teeth - ensures even, secure closure for full 360-degree contact
  • Secure connection means minimal jarring and chucking
  • Round-tube slider allows for required clearance for your short-bed pickup to turn safely at slow speeds
  • 9" Wide, 2-point, European-style funnel makes it simple to guide king pin into hitch
  • 4-Way pivoting head eases hookup, even on unlevel ground, 5-Degree side-to-side pivot
  • Smooth, quiet ride created by cast pivot beam
  • Heavy-duty vibration dampeners minimize rattle and noise, even on rough terrain
  • Wide front-to-back mounting increases stability and reduces wear
  • Improved cab clearance is achieved with offset design
  • Lockable handle with cushioned grip makes it easy to ensure proper hookup
  • Visible indicator lets you determine at a glance whether or not king pin is fully engaged in jaw
  • Sturdy, powder coated steel is corrosion resistant
  • 16,000 lb capacity

  • Technical Specifications

    100.4 lbs.

    by Anonymous – November 03, 2015
    are they included with hitch and how are they set to truck this is for 5th wheel Reese r16 hitch and truck is 2015 GMC 2500 if they are not included how or where can I get them??
    No, rails are not included with this head unit. Universal Kit 10 bolt kit mfg#30035 can be used. Or custom quick install kits mfg#30153(Outboard Rails) & mfg#56001(Outboard Brackets) or mfg#50066(Brackets) & mfg#58058(Rails) can be used. The quick install kits have to be special ordered by our Technical Service Group @ 800.622.6264 as they are not listed on our website.
    by Camping World – January 05, 2016
    by Anonymous – April 03, 2014
    Weight: 199.3 lbs.
    by Camping World – April 03, 2014

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