Replacement 18” LED Bulb for T-8 Fluorescent Fixtures

Catalog Item # 75707

Upgrade lighting from 18" T-8 fluorescent fixtures with this 66-diode LED replacement bulb.

Easy change over with 2-wire connection. Quick connect wiring ends make conversion simple. Connects directly to power source, circumventing ballast. Built-in surge protection. Warm white 3500 Kelvin, 750 lumen, 0.47 amp draw.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

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Replacement 18 LED Bulb for T-8 fixture

by Kelly The Rv Tech. – May 26, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

I love it. Just need to bypass the ballast, its easy, if you know positive and negative just like jumper cables, you can reall

This bulb is 'Warm White', 3500kelvin.

The 5500kelvin, 'Daylight White' version is listed as SKU#61729.
by Camping World – January 07, 2016

by Anonymous – October 05, 2015
One of these tubes produces 750 lumens.
by Camping World – December 18, 2015
Since these LED bulbs have to bypass the ballast in the fixture, yes replacing both at the same time is highly recommended.
by Camping World – July 28, 2015

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