Replacement Fan Blade – 6” Ventline, Round Hole

Catalog Item # 65092

Replace a broken vent fan blade to restore air circulation in your RV.

Fan is 6" dia. with six blades. Made of high impact plastic for durability and break-resistance. Select the model for your vent by the vent brand, shape and center hole diameter.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

by Anonymous – June 21, 2016
can't find this on your site
The full part number is BVD0215. Unfortunately this is not a fan blade we have listed on our website. You will have to place a special order with our Technical Service Department @ 800.622.6264(M-F, 8:00-5:00 CST).
by Camping World – June 22, 2016
by Anonymous – August 12, 2015
I need one with a 3/32" hole. The old blade says on it that it rotates counter-clock wise and has a part #65491 on it.
Item# 65092 is Counter-clock wise spin with a 1/8" round bore.

65491 is a valid number and is listed as item# 57843. This fan blade is 6" in diameter, counter-clock wise spin, with a 3/32" round bore. At the moment this fan blade is not listed on our website and is only available at store locations or ordered from Sales @ 888.626.7576
by Camping World – August 19, 2015

by Dave – July 17, 2015
The hold diameter is 1/8" and yes, it is round.
by Camping World – October 08, 2015

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