Reversible Greek Motif Design Patio Mats

Catalog Item # 82058d

Reversible, weather-resistant polypropylene mats with decorative designs are UV-stabilized to prevent fading and resist mold and mildew.

Material "breathes" so it won’t kill grass underneath. Edge piping with reinforced stitching prevents raveling. Corner tabs and loops hold rug stakes (sold separately).

Technical Specifications

by Anonymous – January 10, 2016
No, 9'x12' is the largest size we have for the Reversible Greek Motif patio mat.
by Camping World – February 09, 2016
by Anonymous – December 21, 2015
This patio mat is 10.5 lbs.
by Camping World – January 29, 2016
by Anonymous – December 01, 2015
does it resemble woven basket
Yes, when a closer look is taken of the mat, it resembles a woven basket.
by Camping World – December 09, 2015

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