Roadmaster BrakeAway

Catalog Item # 17545

Roadmaster's BrakeAway will automatically bring your towed vehicle to a controlled stop if it should ever separate from your motorhome.

The BrakeAway is designed to work with the BrakeMaster 9060, 9100 or other braking systems that use air pressure to manually depress the brakes of the towed vehicle. The BrakeAway's air reservoir is easily installed in the towed vehicle, connecting to the air line to the BrakeMaster. If the towed vehicle separates from the motorhome, a pin activates the BrakeAway to stop the vehicle. Includes air reservoir, break away switch, pin and braided steel cable, wiring and hardware.USA.

Technical Specifications

2.7 lbs.

Our hose dragged the ground and the brass end fitting got damaged.
Replacement parts may be ordered at 1-800-622-6264 or at the service counter in our retail locations.
by Camping World – July 22, 2014
This comes with all the hardware you'll need for installation.
by Camping World – June 03, 2013

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