Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass Switch for Towed Vehicles 20 Amp Mini-Fuse 13" Harness Length

Catalog Item # 68568

For vehicles with hard-to-reach fuse panels or large fuse panel covers.

Eliminates having to remove a fuse for towing a vehicle behind your motorhome, then having to re-insert it for driving. After easy installation, just flip a switch to bypass the fuse. No more laying in the floorboard to reach a fuse panel! Built to last. Available for most cars that require fuses to be pulled for towing. See fit chart (Under Specs) to determine the part number(s) for your vehicle.Switch mounts on dash. For fuses up to 20 amps. Fits Honda CR-V, Chevy Malibu and Saturn Aura, among others. 13"L.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

Camper's Choice Rating

Reviewer rating of 3 stars based on 1 reviews (3 Based on 1 Review)

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  • Helps battery drain while towing (1)
  • Simple to install (1)
  • Cable isn't long enough (1)
  • Stick-on labels won't last long (1)

Should have an 18" version instead

by Ron Howes – October 19, 2015
3 out of 5 stars

While I'm sure there are car models that actually can use the 10" version, who couldn't find a home under the dash to stuff t

Our fit chart lists SKU#68568 for 2006 to 2010 Chevrolet Cobalts.
by Camping World – May 27, 2016

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