Roadmaster Hidden Tow Bar Brackets

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Easy to Install

by Jerry Scott – October 13, 2003
5 out of 5 stars

This baseplate is very easy to install, it only took about an hour and the instructions were very easy to follow. I did need to d

GMC Bracket

by Frank Howrigan – July 14, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

This bracket fits just like it was advertised to. I have installed other brackets that I have bought from Camping World and they

Honda Odyssey hidden tow bracket

by michael – November 23, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

This is a top notch quality tow bracket that make hooking up your tow vehicle behind your RV a breeze.

by Anonymous – January 11, 2017
No, this tow bracket fits 2001 to 2005 year model Toyota Highlanders. A 2009 to 2013 Toyota Corolla will use XL brackets SKU#42057(mfg#1188-1) or MX brackets SKU#49090(mfg#1188-3).

These brackets are not listed on our website, please contact Sales @ 888.626.7576 to order.
by Camping World – January 12, 2017

by Dick – July 11, 2016
A 2010 to 2016 year model Cadillac SRX will use Roadmaster tow bracket #523162-4. We have this bracket listed as SKU#50031.
by Camping World – July 13, 2016
SKU#57407 will fit a 2011 to 2016 Jeep Compass, manual transmission only.
by Camping World – July 13, 2016

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