Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer for Chevy P30 Chassis, OEM Dampener Replacement

Catalog Item # 44118

Does your suspension have the best of you?Ébeat you down?Écontrol you?

Technical Specifications

5 lbs.

My application is a 1993 Chevy P 30 chassis with factory stabilizer. Class a. You have two options for the P 30 showing, confused. Does one of these replace the OEM location without the need of brackets
Correct, SKU#44118(RSSCP30) is a direct replacement for the OEM damper, no additional brackets needed.

SKU#44117(RSSP30) would be used if a OEM damper is not installed and requires the use of the RBK3(SKU#44098) brackets to complete installation.
by Camping World – January 10, 2017

Yes, for a 1994 year model you will use SKU#44117 for the steering stabilizer and RBK3(SKU#44098) brackets for installation.
by Camping World – August 06, 2016
by Dale – February 24, 2016
No, mounting hardware is included with the bracket which is chassis specific and sold separately from the steering stabilizer. Roadmaster Suspension Solutions: Application Guide
by Camping World – March 16, 2016

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