Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer for Class C Motorhomes

Catalog Item # 44116

Does your suspension have the best of you?Ébeat you down?Écontrol you?

Well, it shouldn't. Driving your RV should be an enjoyable experience. And it can be. Adding a Reflex steering stabilizer to your suspension has an immediate effect on stability and cornering control.

When control is an issue:

Reflex steering stabilizers are a safety feature for Class A and C motorhomes, SUVs, vans and emergency vehicles. Tempered steel springs, which are attached to the tie rods and undercarriage, automatically compensate for oversteer caused by pot holes, rut tracks and other unfavorable road conditions, as well as crosswinds and passing 18-wheelers. The springs react instantaneously to bring the vehicle back to center.

Reflex helps you handle:

  • Front tire blow out — when you blow out a front tire, your vehicle will make an abrupt turn toward that tire, causing you to veer into oncoming traffic or off the road. The stabilizer reacts instantaneously to bring the vehicle back to center.
  • Crosswinds and passing traffic — works to keep your steering centered and prevents oversteering to help control your vehicle more effectively.
  • Road fatigue — helps you stop fighting the steering wheel for control. The stabilizer keeps the steering wheel centered — not you.
  • Rut tracking — ruts cause you to oversteer. With the Reflex Steering Stabilizer on board, your reactions become easier, eliminating overcompensation when steering out of a rut.
  • Rut edging — when your tire drops off the edge of the pavement, it can startle even the most careful driver. The Reflex Steering Stabilizer keeps you going straight — helping you control the vehicle until you’re back on the road.
  • Pot holes and debris — with the Reflex Steering Stabilizer in place, the motorhome will stay straight and go in the direction you want, even when you bounce through a pot hole or other dangerous road condition.

    IMPORTANT! A vehicle-specific mounting bracket (not included) is required to install the steering stabilizer. Please refer to the Roadmaster Application Guide below to ensure you're ordering the correct stabilizer and bracket for your vehicle.

  • Technical Specifications

    5 lbs.

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    Major improvement

    by Maurice – April 07, 2017
    5 out of 5 stars

    Big difference when being passed by big rigs

    by Essentialbill – December 18, 2017
    Please refer to the application guide in the technical specs tab for details on compatibility.
    by Camping World – January 23, 2018
    by travis – August 25, 2017
    Yes. Please view this spreadsheet for compatibility pairings of sub-assemblies, bracket kits, and stabilizers for your specific make and model. Depending on your motor, you may need a different bracket kit for your stabilizer. '87-'13 E450 V8 WITHOUT OEM steering damper: RBK2 bracket kit (SKU #44097). '87-'13 E450 V8 WITH OEM steering damper or '87-'14 V10: RBK11 bracket kit.
    by Camping World – October 03, 2017
    by Jer – November 29, 2016
    2008 sprinter 3500 Winnebago view
    No, a steering stabilizer is not available for the Sprinter chassis.
    by Camping World – November 30, 2016

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