Rocket USB WiFi Amplifier- Range Extender

Catalog Item # 79836

A powerful easy to use Wi-Fi Range Extender.

Technical Specifications

2 lbs.

by jeff – March 04, 2018
Yes, the drivers have been updated so that the 'Rocket' is compatible with Windows 2k/XP/Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS 10.3 - 10.8, and Linux.
by Camping World – March 05, 2018
The antenna has to be mounted on the exterior of the RV. Mounting hardware is included and a multi-functional bracket that allows you to mount flat on the roof, on a ladder or rails, or vertical to A/C units or other antennas.
by Camping World – June 09, 2016
by Anonymous – February 26, 2016
This range extender is compatible with Mac OS 10.3 to 10.8.
by Camping World – March 21, 2016

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