Roof Mount Kit

Catalog Item # 75353

For permanent mounting of the Pathway X1 to an RV roof.

Includes mounting feet. Installs easily with a coax only installation.

Technical Specifications

1 lb.

Yes, this mount is compatible with the Carryout G2 and G2+.
by Camping World – May 03, 2017
by Anonymous – August 27, 2015
Would like option to easily remove from roof and use on tripod. Is this possible with this mount kit?
No, this mount kit is designed as a permanent installation.
by Camping World – August 28, 2015
by Jim – July 22, 2015
If it will work with a GM-1518, how easy is it to remove the Caryout from the mounting in case I need to move it if my line-of-site is poor when permanently mounted on the roof? If it does not work with a GM-1518, which mounting kit will, and can I easily remove it for a poor line-of-site situation?
No, this roof mount kit will not work with the GM-1518. The only mount bracket that was created with the ability to easily remove the unit is the GM-3000 Carryout Ladder Mount. We no longer carry this mount in our inventory but can be found through other retailers.
by Camping World – July 24, 2015

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