RV Entrance Door Window Frames - Interior Black

Catalog Item # 43930

Exterior and Interior Frames are exact replacements for the window frames used by most entrance door manufacturers.

Easy to replace, no special tools required. Measures 21”H x 12”W from inside edge to inside edge.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

by Anonymous – January 12, 2016
How think of a door will the two pieces work with?
These frames operate more as garnish for the door thus a min/max door thickness is inconsequential. The primary concern is the length of screws used to mount the frames in place. Valterra recommends 6x1/2" drywall coarse thread screws for most installations.
by Camping World – February 11, 2016
by Vicky – September 04, 2015
#43930 is the inside part of the window frame, while #43927 is the matching outside piece.
by Camping World – September 08, 2015

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