RV Overhead Protection System for 5th Wheels

Catalog Item # 61061

Protect Your RV with GiraffeG4!

The driver pulls the GiraffeG4 exterior sensor under the hazard. For 5th wheel units, the magnet mounted sensor will be on the roof or hood of the tow vehicle. For Class "A" coaches, the Ram mounted sensor will be on the windshield or side view mirror. The GiraffeG4 sends a signal at the speed of sound.

The pre-programmed read out in the cab will tell the driver the exact height of the bridge, tree limb, or gas station canopy the RV is about to pass under. And most importantly, if there is enough height clearance for the RV to pass under the hazard without damaging the AC unit or TV antenna. The GiraffeG4 will continue to measure the hazard until the RV is clear of it.

Technical Specifications

2 lbs.

Unfortunately this unit does not calculate clearance height ahead of time. The sensor has to be underneath the obstacle going no faster than 30MPH to obtain a height measurement.
by Camping World – April 12, 2016
by Anonymous – April 06, 2016
The '5th Wheel kit' includes a magnetic mount, while the 'Class A kit'(SKU#88050) includes a suction cup mount.
by Camping World – April 11, 2016

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