RV800 Filter with 12" connector hose

Catalog Item # 61522

KDF media in granulated carbon filter reduces chlorine taste and odor plus other bad tastes and odor.

Bacteriostatic media inhibits bacterial growth within filter. Pre-tank filter connects inline to drinking water hose to improve taste and clarity before it enters your RV; and also filters dirt, rust and sediment to keep your fresh water holding tank clean and clear. 3 gallon-per-minute flow rate. Lasts 6-12 months depending on usage. Replace each RV season.

Technical Specifications

1.6 lbs.
9 3/4"L x 2 3/4" dia.

by Concerned camper – May 07, 2015
Unfortunately this product is only rated for Bacteria, Lead, Odor, Sediment, and Taste.

Inline disposables do not seem to catch VOCs. Instead, you will have to use a standard 10" 'exterior housed' configuration with a properly rated filter (filters that come with the housing are usually not Crypto/Giardia rated).

Exterior Housings: item# 16007, 52614, 56670, 12874

Drop-in filters for 10" housing rated for Cryto/Giardia: item# 36964, 26383, 12072

by Camping World – May 21, 2015
by Greg – October 18, 2013
This installs in the supply line outside your RV.
by Camping World – October 19, 2013
by Dusty – March 04, 2013
The temperature range is 40 - 100 F.
by Camping World – March 04, 2013

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