NEW! Set of New Version Compact Front Load Washer and Standard Dryer

Catalog Item # 117381

The front-loading machine has 12 programmable features that enable it to stand proudly alongside larger counterparts.

The Stackable Set is an upgraded version of the 824+860. The 13 lb. load capacity cleans small loads efficiently, with minimal water and electricity usage. The Super Washer 824 features a weight sensor that determines the correct amount of fill water to prevent water waste. At only 33.5 x 23.5 x 22 inches (HxWxD), this washer fits  easily into small homes, apartments or anywhere, where space is an issue. At 3.5 Cu.Ft. the 860V Compact Standard Dryer is perfect fit for your home at just 31 x 23.5 x 21.5. The sleek, stackable vented dryer boasts a variety of innovative features, all in a design just a fraction of the size of typical dryers. The 860V comes equipped with 3 programmable levels of sensor drying to match your preferences,and it can be easily raised up to 2.25 inches to match your washer’s height.

  • Winterize (For RV users): Quick 2 minute easy to operate cycle located on knob. Pour anti-freeze in drum. Press start
  • Spin speed: High spin speed of 1200 rpm extracts more water, reducing dry time
  • Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle: After dry cycle ends, drum turns ½ cycle every 5 minutes rotating clothes so wrinkles do not set in
  • Three Dry options: Sensor Dry, 60-minute Time Dry and Refresh
  • Dry level: Choose from four level of dryness - Normal (default), Extra, Low and Damp
  • Refresh function: Refresh clothes with a 12-minute hot dry cycle, to ease folding
  • Redesigned Easy-to-Use Control Panel: Minimalist controls, redesigned to operate easily.
  • Color Coded LED: 14 functions on knob are easily operated with color coded LED lamps, Blue = Wash, Red = Dry, Orange = Options
  • Add-a-sock option: Add forgotten items to a load mid-cycle by pressing a button on knob
  • Automatic Dry Level: Choose the right level of dryness of clothes - Extra, Normal, Low, Damp.
  • Delay Start: Program washer to start up to 24 hours in advance for convenience and to take advantage of lower electricity rate timings.
  • Sensor Dry: Senses when your clothes are dry preventing wrinkles and wastage of electricity
  • Automatic Water Level: Machine weighs clothes and selects the right amount of water for each load - No wastage of water.

  • Technical Specifications

    206 lbs.

    More specs are needed. This info is important for RV use.
      Washer 824
    • Door Diameter/Swing: 16"/180°
    • Weight: 152 lbs.
    • Electrical: 110V, 60hz 15A
    • Washing Input Power: 240W
    • Spin Input Power: 450W
    • Water Inlets: 1 x Cold, 1 x Hot(hoses included)
    • Drain Hose: Attached
    • Dimensions: 33.5"H x 23.5"W x 22"D

      Dryer 860
    • Weight: 54 lbs.
    • Electrical: 110V, 60Hz 15A
    • Rated Input: 1500 W
    • Dimensions: 31"H x 23.5"W x 21.5"D
    • Type: Venting(duct not included)

    No, mounting hardware is not included. Click here to order the floor brackets, and click here for the stacking kit to immobilize the dryer to the washer.
    by Camping World – December 21, 2018

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