SHURflo Universal In-Line Water Filter

Catalog Item # 27873

Replace any under-counter filter to improve taste and clarity more efficiently.

This universal-fit filter replaces any RV in-line filter. KDF bacteria-fighting media and premium coconut shell carbon maximizes filter efficiency to improve taste, eliminate odors and remove contaminants better than standard carbon filters. Significantly reduces bacteria, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, water-soluble heavy metals and microorganisms. Filters up to 5000 gallons at 1 gallon per minute, removing particles down to 5 microns. Replace every 6 to 12 months. Includes fitting adapters, filter and a roll of Teflon tape.

Technical Specifications

1.2 lbs.

1 gallon per minute.
by Camping World – June 29, 2016
by Kathryn – January 31, 2016
Will this remove Giardia and Cyclosparidiium? If not, do you know of one that will?
This filter will capture bacteria but not crypto/giardia/cysts. Everpure Kit SKU#4140 will capture the previous items plus bacteria, chemicals, odor, fungicides, sediment, iron, and improve taste.
by Camping World – February 23, 2016
by Anonymous – November 22, 2015
by Camping World – January 14, 2016

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