Single LNB Tripod Kit

Catalog Item # 84857

Looking to enjoy DISH, DIRECTV or Bell TV satellite programming without having to invest a lot of money?

The Single LNB Tripod Kit is the perfect solution. Manual antenna system views a single satellite at a time and is compatible with DISH SD/HD, DIRECTV SD or Bell TV programming in Canada (receiver and satellite program packages sold separately). Includes single LNB reflector, heavy duty tripod mount, 50’ coax cable and a satellite finder to make set up and locking on signal easier.

Technical Specifications

23.2 lbs.

by Anonymous – November 06, 2018
Yes, this antenna is compatible with all Dish Network receivers except for Hopper and Joey units.
by Camping World – November 08, 2018
by Anonymous – August 15, 2017
This antenna will support 2 satellite receivers.
by Camping World – August 15, 2017
For the most part yes. HD receivers can be considered 'backwards compatible' with SD programming. However, not all receivers are compatible. Compatible DirecTV receivers: D10, D11, D12, H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, and HR24.
by Camping World – July 27, 2015

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