Sliding Storage Trays - 48"

Catalog Item # 55115

Slides let you reach the deepest parts of your storage compartments by simply un-locking the slide and rolling your gear toward you.

Unit ships unassembled -- you just add the 3/4" plywood. Plywood size determines the width; you simply make the slide the length you need. The slide can be set at two pre-determined heights to clear your compartment door's weather edge, or add a 2" x 4" board under each slide to adjust it even higher. Certified 300 lb. capacity. Each carton includes two rails and two cross supports. The supports can be trimmed for small compartments. Hardware included.

Technical Specifications

66.4 lbs.

by walleye – September 07, 2013
These are rated for 300 pounds.
by Camping World – September 09, 2013
by Mike – August 26, 2013
It is 48" deep (front to back), the width is adjustable at installation.
by Camping World – August 30, 2013

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