Small Panel Air Circulator 573, Black

Catalog Item # 89858

The 573 packs unexpected circulation power into a footprint that is under 1 sq. ft.

The geometric, low profile design brings Vornado Vortex Technology into a sleek, unobtrusive form - perfect for desk or tabletop use. As a whole room circulator, the 573 is designed to focus a powerful beam of air horizontally across the room, or vertically towards the ceiling. Horizontal airflow is ideal for traditional whole room circulation, particularly for warm weather use. Focusing the air upwards maximizes the 573's ability to force warm air off the ceiling to the rest of the room - an added bonus during winter months. Features a 3 speed control and a high-gloss front grill that can be removed for cleaning.

Technical Specifications

5.5 lbs.
7.13" x 10" x 10.25"

by deb – July 26, 2017
No, this circulator plugs in to 120VAC electricity.
by Camping World – July 27, 2017

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