Smart Battery Charger - 40 Amp

Catalog Item # 67216

Intelligent micro-processor controlled Battery Charger is ideal for dry camping RV'ers wishing to upgrade their trailer charger and provide a fast, accurate charge.

Technical Specifications

5.29 lbs.

by Anonymous – October 26, 2015
warrenty? Ps I am charging two 12volt battery's in parallel, what do you recommend?
Dimensions: 15.4"W x 13.4"L x 12.5"H , 5.3 lbs.

3" of clearance around the unit is needed.

Manufacturer warranty is One Year.

This charger is recommended for 200-400 Ah batteries. The Owner's Manual and Data Sheet is full of helpful information. The general idea is that the higher the capability of a battery charger the faster it can charge a battery or bank of batteries.
by Camping World – December 29, 2015

I have four 12V type 24 (80AH) batteries in my RV. What's the best way to maintain them when I don't use the RV from November through April.
It is only meant to do 1 battery at a time.
by Camping World – May 06, 2015

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