Smart Battery Charger - 60 Amp

Catalog Item # 67217

Intelligent micro-processor controlled Battery Charger is ideal for dry camping RV'ers wishing to upgrade their trailer charger and provide a fast, accurate charge.

There are many inexpensive single-stage bulk chargers available in automotive stores, but to give your RV battery a fast, accurate charge that will charge your 12V batteries the way the battery manufacturers recommend, the KISAE AbsoCharger is the product for you.

The KISAE Absochargers have 3 charging stages:

  • Bulk Stage. When a battery is 50% to 90% charged, it will take a charge very quickly. The Absocharge senses the battery voltage and supplies maximum current at an increasing voltage level to obtain the majority of the charge for your battery.
  • Absorption Stage. At this stage, voltage is held constant while current slowly tapers off until the battery is 100% charged.
  • Float Stage. After a battery is fully charged, it requires a lower voltage to maintain the charge, and ensure that your battery is maintained during periods when not in use.
Most RVs do contain a converter already but many converters have a fixed output that is lower than it should be for fast charging, and higher than it should be for float. The KISAE Absocharger with its microprocessor-controlled charging algorithm, ensures that your battery will be charged quickly and accurately everytime, resulting in longer battery life and less time without access to your 12V power.

Technical Specifications

7.72 lbs.

by Bob – September 10, 2015
If the 6v batteries are wired as a 12V bank, yes. If not, then no.
by Camping World – September 11, 2015

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