Smart Hitch Camera and Sensor System

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Delivers hassle-free hook-ups.

Easily align ball to trailer every time. Whether it's hooking up to a trailer or backing out of the drive, put eyes where you need them. Simply select Everyday mode or Hitch mode. 3.5" color monitor with crystal clear image mounts conveniently on dash or windshield. SmartZone Sensing with three audible detection zones makes both hitching and everyday backing easier. Plug-in Simple! installation with sensors and camera in one device. Camera/sensors mount behind license plate. Exact OEM fit requires no splicing—just plug it in behind the tow connector. Keeps tow connector active on bumper for trailer’s electrical connection. 12-volt.

Hopkins Towing Solutions for a simpler and more rewarding towing experience. Getting ready to tow shouldn't be a hassle, but backing up to hitch a trailer can be a frustrating task. Due to poor visibility you may find yourself stopping short or completely misaligned. Make hitching easy, place an extra set of eyes where you need them.

Introducing Smart Hitch, the only backup camera and sensor system with hitch mode assistance. In hitch mode use the on-screen guidelines to easily align ball to trailer every time. Hassle free hook-ups gets you on the road quicker. When you're not towing, switch to everyday mode. In everyday mode the camera and sensors work together to see and detect objects behind you. Maximum visibility helps prevent accidents and vehicle damage.

To make things better, installation of the Smart Hitch can be done in three easy steps. Place the monitor in a desired location. Attach the camera and sensor system behind the license plate. And connect the plug-in simple harness at the rear of the vehicle. It's that simple.

The Smart Hitch by Hopkins Towing Solutions; made for towing, great for everyday use.

Technical Specifications

1.3 lbs.

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Smart Hitch Camera & Sensor System

by Bobby Hargrave, Cantonment, FL – February 01, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

Installed system in less than 1 hour in Ford F-150 Super Cab 5 1/2 foot bed! Mounted screen on top of dash with plenty of cable

Smart hitch camera

by Anonymous – June 26, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

I just installed on my Ram 1500 quad cab 6. 5 foot box, 2013. It works great, I had a peak wireless before and it is a piece of

Smart Hitch Camara

by Loretta Smoot – February 11, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

Backing up has never been easier!! We let the guys at our Camping World do the install and they had it done in no time. We highl

The Camera works great but....

by David – March 03, 2014
4 out of 5 stars

I just finished installing the Smart Hitch Camera on my 07' Ford F150 Super Crew. The camera works as advertised. However, there

Hitch camera

by Jack Fraker – December 04, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

I'd recommend it.

by Anonymous – April 29, 2016
brand name of smart hitch camera and sensor system on page 209
This system is made by Hopkins Manufacturing.
by Camping World – April 29, 2016
by cptphilb – April 25, 2016
Since my 2013 Jeep Wangler's License plate is mounted over the driver's side taillight....I assume this camera wouldn't work for hitching?
The camera and sensors has an adjustable tilt, but must be inline with the hitch ball, so this product is not suitable for vehicles that have an offset license plate mount.
by Camping World – April 25, 2016
Yes, another set would have to be purchased along with extra connection cable. Or another camera and a lot of connection cable but would have to swap the cable connections to the monitor by hand when you want another camera feed. This system is designed more of a full time backup camera system for the towing vehicle as opposed to hookup to a trailer or 5th wheel.
by Camping World – March 17, 2016

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