Solar Charger, 165 Watt

Catalog Item # 81927

Work best in sunny climates.

Opt for silent, environmentally friendly solar power that’s great for use with RVs, boats, back-up power and all 12-volt applications. High wattage monocrystalline solar panel produces up to 165 watts to charge batteries and power accessories. Monocrystalline is the most efficient and dependable solar technology on the market today. Built-in blocking diode prevents reverse electrical flow. Modular, expandable design lets you easily add panels to increase charging capacity. Heavy-duty aluminum frames for strong weather resistance and permanent mounting. Z-brackets mount with included screws. Maximum current 9.43 amps. Mfr. 25 year power generation warranty.


  • 165 watt monocrystalline solar panel with aluminum frame
  • 11' cable
  • Battery clamps
  • Four Z-brackets with screws

  • Technical Specifications

    17 lbs.

    Yes, the solar panel has a built-in blocking diode. Yes, the panel has a cord with an SAE 2-pin plug at the end.
    by Camping World – April 19, 2017
    by Anonymous – May 23, 2016
    The panel is 57.8"x 26.3"x 1.4".
    by Camping World – June 11, 2016
    This solar panel is 165watts / 9.43amps.
    by Camping World – April 14, 2016

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