SOS Silicone Sealing Tape-White

Catalog Item # 53917

Ideal for emergency repairs in your home, auto, boat or RV!

Just wrap, stretch and seal – tape is self-fusing, so there’s no adhesive to leave a sticky residue. Makes a permanent air- and water-tight seal. Withstands salt water, UV rays, acids and fuels.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.
1"W x 10'L

by Anonymous – September 09, 2015
i need something to put between roof and air conditioner
There is no sticky adhesive added to this tape, it self adheres which makes it an ideal product for wrapping to seal an object as opposed to bonding to objects together. If you would like to use a tape between the roof and air conditioner, putty tape or butyl tape is better suited.
by Camping World – September 11, 2015
by Nick – July 30, 2015
Because this tape will only fuse to itself it is technically rubber roof safe. This product is intended to be used as a wrap around another object, the tape is pulled tight and is to be layered on itself to fuse. While a different brand, 'Rescue Tape' functions the same way as SOS Sealing Tape. A demo video can be watched here.

To make repairs in a rubber membrane or seal rooftop accessories, use a tape like SKU#42193 or SKU#84061.
by Camping World – December 14, 2015

Dimensions: 1"W x 10'L. Makes a permanent air- and water-tight seal. Withstands salt water.
by Camping World – April 18, 2014

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