Spray-n-Seal Instant Rubber Roof Repair, 16 oz

Catalog Item # 60069

White UV-resistant, rapid-drying elastomer coating sticks to almost any surface.

Formulated for RV roofs, it works on TPO, PVC and EPDM surfaces. Also seals leaks on plexiglass, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, brass, tile and ABS. Won’t crack, peel or fade. Use on skylights, roof vents, roof seams, swamp coolers and gutters. 16 oz. aerosol spray covers up to 30 sq. ft.


  • Fills cracks up to 3/16"
  • Has adhesive properties
  • Can be brushed or troweled when wet
  • Paintable when dry
  • Remains flexible up to 500% elongation
  • UV-stable for over 5 years
  • Dries in 10 minutes at 70ºF
  • Easy clean-up with mineral spirits
  • Apply several light coats instead of one thick layer for best results

  • Technical Specifications

    8.6 lbs.

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    Reviewer rating of 3 stars based on 2 reviews (3 Based on 2 Reviews)

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    Sheds Water

    by Anonymous – September 04, 2012
    5 out of 5 stars

    I received prompt delivery of this product and Iimmediately applied it to the roof of my motor home and it shed water during a 5 d

    Too thin

    by mark talmadge – October 22, 2016
    1 out of 5 stars

    I prepped and did all instructed preparations. The temperature was 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It looks like bubbled pancakes. The seco

    by sam – July 14, 2015
    The spray is White.
    by Camping World – July 14, 2015
    by Anonymous – July 03, 2015
    I would like to seal my pool cover. Is the spray wide enough to enforce the cover
    If the cover is not silicone based, yes it should stick according manufacturer information.

    The nozzle is not wide enough to coat in a single pass, one 16oz can of this product will cover up to 30 square feet.

    Application: Surface must be clean and dry prior to application. Remove cap. Shake can well for 60 seconds after agitator ball rattles. Hold can 6 to 8 inches away from surface to be repaired. Apply in short even strokes until evenly coated. Work product into deep cracks or punctures with brush or smoothing tool. Allow surface to dry for 15 minutes before use. Additional applications can be made to repair larger areas. For additional adhesion strength, apply product heavy and back roll to create uniform membrane layer. Clean up with paint thinner or mineral spirits. After use, turn can upside down and spray to remove material from spray tip before storing.
    by Camping World – July 03, 2015

    Fills cracks up to 3/16".
    by Camping World – September 29, 2015

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