Starlights Brilliant Light 3001 Dual Dome - 921

Catalog Item # 67308

The Brilliant Light 3001 is an interior 12 volt dome light with two incandescent 921 bulbs.

  • 210 Lumens

  • 36 watts

  • 2.82 amps

  • Voltage Range: 9-16 volts

  • Customizable ceiling light

  • Choose from a variety of modules, including:

    • Dimmer Dial Motion activation sensor
    • LED night light
    • Day/Night photo sensor

  • Durable UV protected ABS plastic housing and PC lens

  • May be upgraded to an LED light by simply switching bulb to an LED array, including:

    • BL 250
    • BL 300

  • Multiple combinations allow you to create the light of your choice anywhere in your living space

  • Patent Pending Design

  • Technical Specifications

    2.06 lbs.

    The dimensions diagram linked in Technical Specs shows a length of 12-1/2", width of 5-5/16", and depth of 1-11/16".
    by Camping World – January 06, 2015
    If I add, say, the dimmer module to each side would that mean that I could dim each side separately?
    Without any additional modules, both sides are operated by the one switch, both on or both off. Adding modules allows you to customize the fixture in a large variety of configurations.
    by Camping World – May 15, 2013

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