Starlights Smart Light 2000

Catalog Item # 67305

Replacement outside round light with battery and motion sensor capabilities.

Technical Specifications

2.05 lbs.

If 12v were always available (shore/house battery) why is it's own battery necessary?
Yes, this this light and features run entirely on 12VDC.

No, it does not have an internal battery or battery compartment. The "Star Monitor" feature will monitor the RV/Coach batteries.

Per the manufacturer: "Our Star Monitor is a state of the art coach battery monitoring system. Our microchip will “talk” to your coach battery continuously. If your coach battery tells our microchip that your battery is below 11.5 volts, the RED LED will blink and the light will no longer function based on motion. Thus, saving battery life, and helping you keep an eye on your power level from outside of the coach. Please note, if the Star Monitor detects a low battery, you will still be able to use the Smart Light® as a standard porch light."
by Camping World – April 02, 2017

by Anonymous – October 10, 2013
Overall length 11 3/8", height is 9 3/4", and the fixture is 2 1/8" thick.
by Camping World – October 17, 2013

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