SumoSpring, SSR-181-54-1

Catalog Item # 94158

Patented SumoSprings offer enhanced suspension stabilization for trucks, vans and RVs using microcellular urethane springs that provide a smooth, progressive spring rate.

They work in conjunction with original equipment to share the load, helping level out sag and reduce wear and tear on your suspension. SumoSprings provide additional load support, reduce sway and deliver a smoother ride. Secured top and bottom with steel mounting brackets and hardware, they are maintenance free, don’t leak air and require no air lines or compressors. Available in sizes and densities to support multiple front and read applications. Made in USA.


  • Ride Comfort—SumoSprings absorb harsh bumps and jolts for a smooth ride over uneven surfaces, highway joints and other rough terrain.

  • Driver Control--By reducing harsh movements, SumoSprings give drivers better control of their vehicle, increasing safety and making travel more comfortable.

  • Stabilization--Progressive spring rate lets SumoSprings compress smoothly with less resistance, and provide more resistance as they compress further.

  • Technical Specifications

    38 lbs.

    by Ron Carlson – June 25, 2017
    SKU#94158 is two springs(left & right) for the rear axle of a Ford F53(20k - 22k GVWR) made from 1990 to 2004.

    5400 lbs. capacity at 50% compression

    SSR-181-54-1: Installation Manual
    by Camping World – June 26, 2017

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