Sunguard 24" Mirror-Savers, 2-Pack, Black

Catalog Item # 66101

Protect your mirrors. Prevent hard-water spots, rusting and fading. Don't let the sun's unmerciful UV rays destroy your mirrors.

If you leave them exposed to the elements, UV rays will eventually fade them and hard-water spots can eventually lead to rust. Safeguard your mirrors. Order a set of Sunguard Mirror-Savers today - and keep your mirrors sparkling! Available in 18" (standard mirrors) and 24" (tall mirrors).

Technical Specifications

6 lbs.

Open: 8"D X 15" W X 24"H
Folded: 7" D X 11" W X 4" H

do you offer covers for the arms as well?
Measure from the top of the mirror to bottom/base before mount arm to obtain height. Then measure the widest point from edge to edge(do not include arm) to obtain width. The cover is 24"H x 15"W

A cover is not available for the arms, just for the mirror and surround.
by Camping World – August 19, 2015

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