Sunguard Tire Savers

Catalog Item # 66083d

Unlike ordinary "slip-on" tire covers, Tire-Savers never touch your tires, so they don't get dirty.

With ordinary "slip-on" tire covers, in order to put them on, you have to bend down, (sometimes on hard gravel or wet grass), and wrap them over your tires. This in inconvenient, and you can get your sleeves dirty and even scrape your arms on the wheel wells. Ordinary "slip-on" tire covers are also difficult to store. They're bulky, and you have to figure out some way to fold them up to stow them away.

With Sunguard Tire-Savers, you simply fasten them directly to the body of your coach, outside the wheel well. They never touch the tire, so they don't get dirty. And since the fasteners are at "hip level", you don't even have to bend down to attach them. Just walk right up and fasten them into place. And they're a breeze to store! Simply lay them on the ground, one on top of the other, and roll them up (like a poster) and store them in their (free) storage bag.

Made of genuine SUNGUARD HI-DENSITY (94% shade) Solar Screen. Very sleek looking and made to match our popular Windshield Covers. Choose White, Tan, Gray, Brown or Black. Choose Snaps or Twist-Lock fasteners. 30-Day-Return policy, 12-Year Warranty, free storage bag.

Made to your measurements. For the horizontal measurement, simply measure the widest part of your wheel well (down at the bottom of your coach) and add 3" to that measurement. For the vertical measurement, simply measure from the ground up to the top of your wheel-well and add 1 1/2" to that measurement.

Sunguard Tire-Savers are sold individually, so if you want a set of four, be sure to indicate "quantity 4" (or "quantity 2" for tandem) during check out.

Technical Specifications

by Anonymous – October 19, 2016
It is possible yes. Once the configuration wizard is entered, there is an option for a 'tandem' option under "axle type". A panel with a maximum width of 92" and maximum height of 40" can be assembled by the manufacturer.
by Camping World – October 20, 2016
Also in your description, you mention another option for attaching your product. Could you please give details?
There are three fastener options available for the 'Tire Savers': Snaps, Twist Locks, and Velcro.

During the configuration process, the selected fastener will be provided for installation to the RV while the 'Tire Saver' will have the matching fastener pre-attached. To read instructions and view images on how each style fastener is installed, please visit the manufacturer web page here.
by Camping World – April 28, 2016

by Pana – April 22, 2016
One per package.
by Camping World – July 11, 2016

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