Sunguard Tire Savers

Catalog Item # 66083d

Unlike ordinary "slip-on" tire covers, Tire-Savers never touch your tires, so they don't get dirty.

Technical Specifications

by Anonymous – October 19, 2016
It is possible yes. Once the configuration wizard is entered, there is an option for a 'tandem' option under "axle type". A panel with a maximum width of 92" and maximum height of 40" can be assembled by the manufacturer.
by Camping World – October 20, 2016
Also in your description, you mention another option for attaching your product. Could you please give details?
There are three fastener options available for the 'Tire Savers': Snaps, Twist Locks, and Velcro.

During the configuration process, the selected fastener will be provided for installation to the RV while the 'Tire Saver' will have the matching fastener pre-attached. To read instructions and view images on how each style fastener is installed, please visit the manufacturer web page here.
by Camping World – April 28, 2016

by Pana – April 22, 2016
One per package.
by Camping World – July 11, 2016

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