Sunguard Window Shades

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Sunguard one or all of your side windows

Block out 94% of the intense heat, light and destructive UV rays. Protect your interior from fading, rotting and deteriorating. Plus, you can see out and enjoy your view, yet your neighbors will not be able to see in. Cover and shade all your windows and enjoy 100% complete daytime privacy throughout your entire RV. An excellent benefit of having side window shades is that you can keep them on all the time, even while you drive. If your windows are tinted, it's nice to have exterior shades on them as well. While a tinted window does give you privacy, the glass still gets hot and generates heat inside your coach. Plus, as soon as you open a tinted window, you've lost the benefits of the tint. Unlike tinted windows, exterior window shades put a barrier between the sun and the glass, so your glass does not heat up, and your RV stays far cooler inside. With window shades on your RV, you can open your windows and still enjoy your shade and privacy. Sunguard Window-Shades are one of the best investments you can make for your RV. More efficient than tinting, more affordable than awnings, they just make sense. Use inside or out. Exterior shades also protect the rubber molding around your windows from sun-rot. Made of the same high-quality sunscreen material and double reinforced vinyl binding as our popular Sunguard Windshield Covers. Custom made to your measurements.

Measure from the outside of the window molding to the outside of the window molding, both vertically and horizontally. Then add 1" all the way around (fasteners go into the fiberglass). This will add 2" to each measurement (1" + 1" = 2"). Choose White, Tan, Gray, Brown or Black. 12-Year Warranty, free storage bag.

SMALL - Smaller than 45" x 45".
MEDIUM - From 45" x 45" to 52" x 60"

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  • Good at blocking light (1)
  • Fasteners don't hold very well (1)

Good looking cover, but be prepared to buy additional mounting hardware

by Travis Mostoller – August 02, 2017
2 out of 5 stars

Got my first of 12 window covers from Sunguard. Great looking and durable material. Lack of hardware. No snaps or screws to attach

Fastener type is a selectable option in the configuration process. Snaps and Twist Locks will require drilling, the Velcro option will not.
by Camping World – March 13, 2017

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