Super Flex All-In-One EPDM Adhesive & Primer, 1 Gallon

Catalog Item # 80297

The first step in the 2-step Super Flex EPDM roof protection system!

Technical Specifications

8 lbs.

by Harold – June 07, 2016
Internet SALE That is for 5 gallon, right
No, we only sell 1 gallon pails. The product quantity for SKU#80297 would have to be increased to 5 to obtain 5 gallons.
by Camping World – June 07, 2016
by Appleman – December 19, 2015
I have a composite roof comprised of the inside ceiling board, Styrofoam, thin plywood and an EPDM roof. The plywood has water damage in a 6' x 2' area and I would like to peel the plywood off the Styrofoam and cover the Styrofoam with fiberglass mat and resin. Will the adhesive & primer stick to the fiberglass resin?
According to the manufacturer this adhesive/primer will bond to the fiberglass but only if the other surface that you are bonding to it is a porous surface, like wood. This adhesive does require one surface to be porous so that it can absorb into and cure properly. It is also a pressure sensitive adhesive so you do also need to be able to apply pressure afterwards.
by Camping World – January 29, 2016
This product is a bonding adhesive(Alpha System #8011) for rubber membrane installation. While not a step by step instructional video, here is an overview on SuperFlex membrane install and Alpha Systems components used to perform the install.

We do not carry the primer(Alpha Systems#8010) to use with the rubber roof coating(Alpha Systems#4034)SKU#80299.
by Camping World – December 03, 2015

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