Superflex Rubber Roof Coating, 1 Gallon

Catalog Item # 80299

The second step in the 2-step Super Flex EPDM roof protection system!

Water-based, OEM-grade, acrylic rubber roof coating is the best choice for protecting and maintaining the roof surfaces found on most of today’s RVs. Super Flex Rubber Roof Coating is formulated for low odor and toxicity, ensuring safe, easy application. The resulting bright white roof surface helps reflect heat and light while maintaining the roof surface to protect against leaks.

Used in combination with Super Flex Adhesive & Primer, the 2-step treatment:

  • Extends life of rubber roof
  • Ensures superior durability
  • Fights chalking & streaking
  • Improves low temperature flexibility
  • Enhances UV resistance

    Following application of Super Flex Adhesive & Primer, Super Flex Rubber Roof Coating is suitable for use on a wide variety of roof materials, including:

  • EPDM rubber
  • Low and high density polyurethane
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Galvanized steel
  • Cured concrete

    One gallon covers approximately 200 sq. ft.

    Shipping could be delayed in the case of extreme weather/temperatures to ensure product quality.

  • Technical Specifications

    10 lbs.

    I installed rubber roof coating 2 months ago. I had couple gallons left. I have decided to clean new rubber roof & roll remainder of rubber. I stored material in a deep freeze. It should be good after thawing out.
    Alpha Systems recommends using a non-abrasive household cleaner, such as Top Job or Spic-N-Span, and a medium-bristled scrub brush. Do not use any harsh or highly-abrasive products during cleaning. When finished cleaning, remember to thoroughly rinse the roof and sidewalls in order to remove any soap residue and to prevent streaking.
    by Camping World – July 17, 2015
    by Anonymous – June 01, 2015
    Can you tell me what prep is recommended for this product? Does it need a primer?. Does it need to be stirred with a drill? I am thinking of doing my whole roof in this as it is 15 years old and still looks good but I do see some spider cracks roof is a rubber roof. Will this seal and keep out water?
    While short, install instructions can be downloaded here.

    Yes, a primer is needed for this coating product, Superflex #8010 is the recommended primer. Yes, the coating(#4034) does have to be stirred before hand, a drill is not needed but can make the job easier as it should be stirred for about 5 minutes. Yes, the acrylic coating will seal the rubber membrane of the roof to lengthen its life. Keep in mind this does not repair any holes/tears in the membrane but is a finishing type coating.
    by Camping World – December 16, 2015

    by Bert – May 14, 2015
    The rubber roof on my 1999 fifth wheel trailer is weatherd and damaged due to falling branches. Will this product seal the minor tears and pinholes? If so how many applications should suffice to seal the roof. Is this a one step or two step process?
    This product does not repair any damage, it resurfaces the rubber membrane. Two coats of this product is recommended. Like the Dicor version, this is a two step process, the primer(Alpha Systems #8010) is applied to the roof first, then the coating product.
    by Camping World – September 23, 2015

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