SuperSteer Motion Control Units

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Whip on driveways, bumps & dips.

This new Motion Control Unit is designed specifically to help vehicles with existing air suspensions. It responds instantly to compression force introduced by roll, sway, or bounce on the spring of your air suspension. Each unit operates independently both front & back and on each side of the coach. These units act like valving found in many shock absorbers. They produce a smoother, stable ride. You feel the difference immediately in easier, more comfortable driving. In fact, after installation, you can simply drive the rig across the parking lot to feel the difference. Mfr. lifetime warranty.


  • Reduces sway and bounce.
  • Reduces side whip when going over driveways, uneven roads, bumps and dips.
  • Stabilizes ride for comfort and safety.
  • Eases driver tension.
  • Simple design to last the life of the coach.

  • Technical Specifications

    by Anonymous – May 10, 2015
    I have a 2014 berkshire 390rb look for help with swaying
    Yes, for the SuperSteer MCU, a pair is installed at the front and a pair at the rear. Selection is based off of the air bag suspension feed line diameter and gross vehicle weight of the motorhome. This unit is for an air line with an outer diameter of 1/4" and gross vehicle weight over 30,000 lbs. Sizes available include air line OD 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" for GVW under and over 30,000 lbs. A break down chart is available here.
    by Camping World – September 10, 2015

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