Surge Guard 50 Amp, Hardwired

Catalog Item # 90196

Improved 50 amp hardwired Surge Guard monitors shore power continuously and shuts off when it detects power surges, open ground, open neutral, low or excessive voltage, miswired pedestals, or reverse polarity that could damage electronic equipment in your coach.

Technical Specifications

5.5 lbs.
11.39"H x 5.30"W x 4.93"D

Yes, you can wire this surge protector in between your transfer switch and power distribution panel for protection when running from either power source.
by Camping World – May 08, 2018
by Den – June 11, 2016
The light labeled "Caution When Flashing" is for the time delay feature and also helps indicate faults like mis-wiring. Please refer to the 'Model 35550' indicator light chart on page 3 of the Owner's Manual.
by Camping World – June 20, 2016
by Pam – May 03, 2016
Manufacturer warranty is 1 year. Warranty Information
by Camping World – May 03, 2016

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