Tan Car Seat Saver

Catalog Item # 80878

Enjoy traveling with your pet without the worry of rips, tears, dirt or pet hair ruining or staining the back seat of your vehicle.

Technical Specifications

4.01 lbs.

by Tracey – November 29, 2016
Yes. Due to the waterproof nature of the fabric used, it is best to spot clean with soapy water. If it is a bigger problem than a sponge can handle, the manufacturer recommends hosing it off.

The seat saver can also be machine washed in an extra-large washer and then line-dried.
by Camping World – November 30, 2016

by jim – May 29, 2016
The cover is 54" x 58" x 0.25".
by Camping World – May 30, 2016

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