The Goodstuff RV A/C Coil Cleaner - 18Oz

Catalog Item # 105791

Foams away dirt, lint and grease from air conditioner coil fins.

The GoodStuff Coil Cleaner foams away dirt, lint, and grease from air conditioner coil fins. It contains special grease cutting additives and detergents for instant cleaning and deodorizing. The foam creates no harsh fumes and leaves a fresh citrus scent. using one (1) can of coil cleaner for each rooftop air conditioner. Developed for RV rooftop air conditioners, but proven to be excellent for home units, too!

Technical Specifications

1.35 lbs.

by Joey – August 08, 2017
Yes. For best results, protect all electrical equipment & parts with plastic wrap. Spray area thoroughly with penetrating and holding foam. Foam breakdown and absorption indicates surface is ready to be flushed clean. Brush or rinse heavily soiled coils to remove all dirt and residues prior to application of the Coil Cleaner.

Live Demo of The Good Stuff RV Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner
by Camping World – August 09, 2017

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