Thetford Tank Blaster Holding Tank Cleaner, 4-pack

Catalog Item # 112506

Blasts crud from tank walls and cleans sensors.

Super-concentrated enzymatic blend with Micro-Foamâ„¢ action works overnight, even in hard water. Used regularly, it helps prevent odors and build-up in RV/marine holding and portable tanks. Works on waste, tissue, soap scum and grease build-up that cause sensors to malfunction. Pleasant cherry scent. Use one 1.6 oz. pouch for up to a 50 gallon black or grey water tank. Made in USA.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

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Disappointing results, not the answer for fouled up tank sensors

by Jay Sigel – July 07, 2018
3 out of 5 stars

I've never been impressed with any of these enzymatic products or mechanical tank rinsers to clean my black holding tank sensors,

by Anonymous – July 10, 2018
Does the RV need motion for product to clean?
One packet will treat up to 50 gallons, a holding tank larger than 50 gallons will require multiple packets.
  • One or more of the packets are torn open, then the granules inside are poured through an open toilet waste valve or down a sink drain.
  • Flush/rinse the granules in to the holding tank.
  • Then fill the holding tank(s) to capacity with fresh water.
  • Let solution sit overnight.
  • The next day drain and flush tanks.
Agitation/motion is not required for this product.
by Camping World – July 11, 2018

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