TireMinder Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 6 Transmitters for RVs, Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Motor Coaches, and Trailers

Catalog Item # 86682

Monitor your RV tire pressure right from your smartphone with the TireMinder Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System!

Monitor tire pressure from your smartphone Bluetooth adapter with audible/visual alerts Monitors up to 22 tires (0 to 232 PSI) Checks for tire issues every 6 seconds Rhino Signal Booster for increased strength/range

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android smart devices. Requires iOS 7+ or Android 4.4+ with Bluetooth 4.0 capability (iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3rd generation or newer, Android flagship phone/tablet from 2014 or newer).

System Features:

  • Bluetooth adapter with audible and visual alerts
  • Push notifications for all TireMinder alerts
  • Constant monitoring for low pressure, high pressure, slow leak, rapid leak, high temperature, and blow-outs
  • Monitors up to 22 tires (0 to 232 PSI); extra transmitters sold separately
  • Simultaneous pressure and temperature readings
  • Automatically scrolls through each tire position with the push of a button
  • Disconnect features allows to easily disconnect and reconnect up to 2 vehicles
  • Upgraded High Power Antenna
  • New Rhino Signal Booster for increased signal strength and range
  • Transmitters check for tire issues every 6 seconds
  • Transmitters send updated pressure and temperature readings every four minutes (if no issue found)
  • Receives free software updates
  • Replaceable CR1632 batteries
  • Rechargeable Bluetooth adapter with battery indicator
  • Lightweight 0.5-oz. transmitters
  • Free Manufacturer Battery Replacement through 2022
  • Award-winning customer support

    Kit Includes:

  • 1 Bluetooth Adapter
  • 6 TireMinder Transmitters
  • 1 Rhino Signal Booster
  • 1 Micro USB Cable and DC Adapter
  • 12 CR1632 batteries (1 Extra Set)
  • 6 Locking Nuts
  • 1 Locking Wrench with Valve Core Tool
  • 1 “Carry-All” Pouch
  • 1 TireMinder Smart TPMS Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card

  • Technical Specifications

    1.84 lbs.

    Per the manufacturer: No, the TireMinder Smart TPMS will not conflict with other Bluetooth devices.

    The TireMinder Smart TPMS uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your phone or tablet. Your phone or tablet will be able to connect to at least 10 Bluetooth LE devices simultaneously without disrupting communication. Bluetooth LE will also not interfere with older Bluetooth connections (e.g. Bluetooth 2.0, 2.1) which is the most likely version of Bluetooth used by your RV (or car) stereo for both music and phone audio.
    by Camping World – November 16, 2017

    No, the "Tireminder TPMS" app is what collects the data from the transmitters and allows you to interact with them. Said app is only compatible with devices running iOS 7(and newer) or Android 4.4(and newer).
    by Camping World – March 21, 2017
    Optional hexagonal rings are in this kit and a wrench is provided to lock/unlock the transmitters to the valve stem. Owner's Manual: Hexagonal Locking Nut Instructions
    by Camping World – October 05, 2016

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