Tote Caddy Trash Can Transporter

Catalog Item # 85968

Millions of people across the US struggle with lifting, dragging or hauling that ole blue (or whatever color) trash can down long driveways once a week to the designated pick up point.

Technical Specifications

8 lbs.

by Rod – February 26, 2017
If the UTV has a 2" hitch receiver, yes.
by Camping World – February 27, 2017
Can u drive with this attached to vehicle on main roads to haul barrel to transfer station
On a main road, no. This transporter does not lock the trash can/barrel in place, it can rock loose off the carrier. A manufacturer product video can be viewed here.
by Camping World – October 21, 2016
by Stan – February 08, 2016
Weight capacity of the 'Tote Caddy Trash Can Transporter' is 200 lbs.
by Camping World – March 01, 2016

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