Towtector Premium Adjustable Up To 24", 2008-Up Duramax Diesel

Catalog Item # 89970

The Towtector Premium brushstrip mud flap is the best protection for towing boats, campers, or other trailers.

The ultimate protection against flying rocks and other road debris. This towing mud flap features a double layer of brush strips that cover the entire width of your tow vehicle, giving you complete protection from every angle.

The Towtector premium brushstrip mud flaps offers a patented support bar that keeps the brushes in place. Unlike traditional rubber mud flaps, the Towtector Premium brushstrip shield will not flap in the wind at highway speeds, ensuring you have the most effective protection when you need it most.

The Towtector offers easy mounting by sliding onto the vehicle's ball mount or tow bar and can be installed or removed in a few minutes. It also allows electrical hookups to slide through the brushes for easy wire connections. Choosing the Towtector premium bushstrip mud flaps will ensure your travel trailer, camper or boat will remain free of rock chips for a long time.

  • Economical single brush system for when you are traveling primary roads with little or no debris
  • Duramax Diesel
  • Adjustable up to 24"
  • Steel Frame: 78"
  • Brush Strip: 14"
  • Center: 2"

  • Technical Specifications

    35 lbs.

    While the current images does not reflect it, this Duramax version has been factory modified on the passenger side so that the exhaust will funnel over the top of the frame instead of directly in to it.
    by Camping World – March 21, 2017

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