Trav’ler Shaw Direct Satellite TV Antenna Mount

Catalog Item # 61588

Works with Shaw Direct Satellite TV Antenna Reflector and LNB #61589 to bring Star Choice satellite viewing on the road in your RV.

Fully automatic mounting base allows simple one-button operation to raise, lower and position satellite TV antenna effortlessly.

Includes mounting base only; satellite reflector and LNB #61589 sold separately.

Technical Specifications

55.8 lbs.

by Gord – March 06, 2016
What is the complete cost for unit, including All the extras that are needed for initial setup.
The Shaw Direct variation of the Trav'ler is sold in two pieces to make a complete unit, SKU#61588(Mount) and SKU#61589(LNB & Reflector Dish). Some lap sealant, like SKU#32125, will be needed during the installation of the antenna. Unfortunately, you will need to contact Shaw for the receiver as we do not carry any Shaw compatible receivers.
by Camping World – March 31, 2016
by gerry – December 18, 2015
what controller goes with this dish kit to receive shaw direct. How much and what code number.
An interface box(used to power/control the antenna) is included with the antenna, the satellite receivers are not. Shaw Direct satellite receivers will have to be obtained directly from Shaw or units at home used inside the RV.
by Camping World – January 27, 2016
by CW – October 12, 2014
No, this is for Shaw. The only HD capable antenna we currently carry for DirecTV is item 68944.
by Camping World – October 13, 2014

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