TST 507 Flow-Through Sensors, 2 pack

Catalog Item # 67171

Easily expand your 507 Flow-Through TPMS to maximize fuel savings and ensure greater peace of mind while driving Ð monitor can accommodate up to 10 Front Vehicle/RV/Tractor tires!

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

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Easy to add sensors to system

by NiteOwl85 – May 01, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

These were easy to add to my base system.

by Anonymous – June 03, 2015
No, we do not carry CR1632 batteries. You can usually find these in most retail chain stores that stock different non-automotive batteries.
by Camping World – October 21, 2015
by rog – September 08, 2013
They can, yes. Instructions for replacing the batteries are included in the user manual.
by Camping World – September 10, 2013

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