TST Probe Cleaner

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Restore accurate sensor readings to your grey and black water tanks.

TST Probe Cleaner is a super concentrated liquid that attacks the residue on probes that cause them to malfunction. 32 oz. USA.

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2.5 lbs.

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TST Probe Cleaner

by Gerry Roberts – November 05, 2007
5 out of 5 stars

TST Probe Cleaner works like magic, my black and grey water sensors had not worked all summer, and I thought I was going to ha

This cleaner will breakdown caked on residue inside the holding tank. However, depending on the condition, direct rinsing may still need to be performed such as with a tank wand, elbow with flush, or permanent tank rinser.
by Camping World – January 26, 2016
by Jan – June 08, 2015
I store my trailer in a lot where there isn't any water or dump station so I couldn't put this in the trailer then drive either to the camp site or back to the storage lot.
While the holding tanks are empty. Pour this product in (1/2 bottle for holding tank, 8 ounces for gray water tank) and then fill said tank up with fresh water (the warmer the better). All to soak for 24 hours. Agitate tank by driving around RV for 15 minutes and then drain in usual manner.
by Camping World – June 09, 2015
by Anonymous – November 13, 2014
This has a freeze point of -31F (-35C).
by Camping World – November 14, 2014

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