Ultra Sway Control

Catalog Item # 64854

Reduces sway in towed vehicles.

Attach this sway-control device to your weight-distribution system or ball mount to help prevent trailer sway. Friction-style control provides resistance to correct sway and keep your trailer in line.


  • Reduces trailer sway caused by winds, curving roads or sudden maneuvers
  • Lets you adjust tension for the perfect amount of control and resistance
  • Tension-adjustment screw easily turns in 1/4" increments to fine-tune tension
  • Built-in lever lets you disengage system to completely release tension
  • Works with either weight-distribution systems or ball mounts that have sway-control platforms?Does not work with surge-type couplers
  • Installs and removes quickly and easily
  • Attaches to either side of trailer tongue
  • Removes with just 2 clips
  • Includes sway-control assembly, ball-and-plate assembly, sway-control ball, and necessary fasteners and hardware
  • Constructed of powder coated steel for durability and corrosion resistance


It is recommended that you remove the friction-style sway control before backing up to ease reversing and prevent damage to your system. When towing during slippery conditions such as wet, icy or snow-covered roads or on loose gravel, turn on/off handle counterclockwise until all tension is removed from unit. Failure to do so could prevent tow vehicle and trailer from turning properly.

Friction-style sway-control devices are designed to reduce trailer sway after it has already begun. As soon as your trailer begins to move out of line, the friction pads inside the unit touch one another and create just enough resistance to prevent any further side-to-side movement. To install this system, simply bolt the sway-control plate to the frame of your trailer and attach the other end to the included ball, which mounts on the head of your weight-distribution hitch or to the sway-control tab on your ball mount.

Technical Specifications

16 lbs.

Yes, this item can attach to either side of the receiver tongue.
by Camping World – January 24, 2014
With a regular (not a weight distribution hitch) ball hook-up, you will need an adapter plate to attach this. The adapter plate can be ordered through our technical assistance line at 1-800-622-6264 (Camco part number 48386).
by Camping World – January 21, 2013

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